A letter from our founder.

Hello and welcome to The Avocado Club 👋🥑

Our brand was established from Queens, New York in December of 2017 when we claimed the @joinavocadoclub handle on Instagram.

In the beginning, The Avocado Club was a simple social experiment with the goal of “illustrating the lifestyles of avocado ambassadors worldwide”. This social channel served as a platform for creators of all types to showcase their unlimited creativity by using.. yes, the avocado. 

Since then, we’ve built our online & offline communities to over 15,000 clubs members, launched a podcast called Guac & Talk where we chat with unique foodie founders, a city-wide guacamole championship called The Guac Bowl and most recently, an avocado hot sauce that we launched during the COVID-19 pandemic called Hottee Aguacatee.

Like most brands, we like to think that we do things differently. Unlike most brands, we love discovering new opportunities to actually back up this philosophy every single day. Our “club members” are comprised of those who seek to pursue more happiness, community, kindness, positivity, creativity, collaboration, optimism and everything in-between. Does this sound like you? Then you are very welcome to join us :)

If you ever have any questions or thoughts for me, please send an email to brandon@theavocadoclub.com, a DM on Instagram at @joinavocadoclub or use the chat box on our website. We’ll get back to you as soon as our avocados ripen. So basically ASAP ;)

- Brandon, Founder & CEO