1. What are CryptoCados?

- CryptoCados lived and loved peacefully on their home planet of Odacova until a mental health crisis consumed their way of life and triggered an avocapolypse. In a desperate intergalactic search for a new home, they discovered that our Earth was suffering from a mental health crisis of our own.

The Ripening has begun as they arrive in their fresherized cabins with kind warning and generous reminder to take care of our fellow humans before we suffer a similar fate. They're here to keep us happy, confident, creative, and collaborative.

Each original 256 pixel NFT artwork is fueled by the mission behind #AvocadosAgainstAnxiety - the official social mission of The Avocado Club brand and are designed by founder & artist, Brandon Fassberg.

10% of the first sale for each of these NFTs is donated to The Mental Health Coalition on behalf of The Avocado Club so that we're able to support an organization that is responsibly fighting anxiety & depression around the world.


2. How many CryptoCados are in need of a home?

- Over 500+ CryptoCados have already arrived on Earth with more arriving every day.


3. What do you get when you rescue a CryptoCado?

- Firstly, when the first buyer from every token rescues their CryptoCado, we'll take 10% of the ETH and donate it to The Mental Health Coalition on your behalf. You will directly be supporting those responsibly fighting anxiety and depression around the world. Yay for you!

- Next, we'll send you a seriously sweet swag kit including a hoodie, a hat, and a tee shirt with your selected CryptoCado on the front.

- Lastly, you'll get exclusive access to our Discord where we'll be keeping our holders and supporters updated daily.

*select NFTs will have special utilities that include access to our events, discounts on our products like Hottee Aguacatee Hot Sauce and much more on the way*


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