• “What is The Avocado Club?”

The Avocado Club is a Queens, New York-based lifestyle brand founded on Instagram and dedicated to creating everything avocado. This includes delicious social content on @joinavocadoclub, our podcast, Guac & Talk, a city-wide guacamole competition called The Guac Bowl and our newest project, Hottee Aguacatee hot sauce.


“Is Hottee Aguacatee for sale?”

Yes it is! Click Shop in the navigation and go crazy :)


“Is this hot sauce vegan?”

100% yes! All of the ingredients inside of Hottee Aguacatee are vegan and very healthy for you.


“How hot is this hot sauce?”

It’s a medium heat and will not burn your mouth off of your face. It has a healthy kick of jalapeño and is complimented by many other delicious natural flavors. All blended together with antioxidant-rich avocado oil. A sweet, natural heat that simply cannot be beat!


“How long does it last? What’s the shelf life?”

Hottee Aguacatee hot sauce is certified “Shelf Stable” by the Cornell Food Venture Center. Unopened and packaged securely, it is classified as “fresh indefinitely”.

Once opened, the bottle must be refrigerated in-between uses to maintain freshness and quality. We suggest you consume the entirety of the deliciousness within 5 months of opening for maximum flavor opportunity. 

If your bottle’s inner seal is broken, please do not consume. Let us know and we’ll make it right for you :)

“Where is your hot sauce made?”

It’s manufactured in a commercial kitchen space in Long Island City, Queens and is 100% legally authorized to be made. Each bottle is made with love by our founder and he may or may not have been wearing green crocs during these shifts. If you have proof of this, please email us..


“Do you have other flavors?”

We are working on 2 other flavors now and hope to launch them within the next year or so. They’ll both feature our signature ingredient, avocado oil and include new flavors that will make Hottees very happy. Once these are set, we’re going to start collaborating on really fun limited flavors.


“Do you wholesale Hottee Aguacatee?”

Yes, we do! We’re excited to share Hottee Aguacatee with retailers around the country. Click Wholesale on our navigation or send us a message on our Contact form and let’s talk sauce!


“Where can I buy Hottee Aguacatee?”

Right here on our website for now! Once we begin our retail distribution, we’ll create a search map on our website and social channels so that you can pick up a bottle at your favorite markets.


“How do you say Hottee Aguacatee?”

(hot-ee ahh-gwah cot-tee)

Now say it three times fast! Just kidding, you don’t have to do anything on command.

“What’s a Hottee?”

You are :) We like to refer to our amazing customers as Hottees across our customer service channels.


“What’s the secret to making good guacamole?”

Cumin! It’s the most appreciated and underused ingredient for guac. You’re welcome :)


“Are you hiring?”

Not yet however we have BIG plans to build out our many departments and will need a lot of help bringing them to life. When that time comes, we’ll announce these roles to the world!


More questions? Send us an email at brandon@theavocadoclub.com or a DM on Instagram @joinavocadoclub!