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Super amazing!

Amazing and delicious hot sauce! Goes with any type of food! Highly recommend! :)

Buy it. Try it on anything.

I've tried over 100 differnt hot sauces and this is in my top 5. From the spoon you get all the ingredients. One flavor doesn't overpower. If anything you could argue a bit stronger punch from the lime juice, shallots, and ginger. Which all complement each other amazingly. On food I have found it best with Mexican cuisine. Try it on toast as well. But beware because you will end up eating 5 pieces of bread. I love what Brandon and crew have done with the company. The packaging alone is enough to buy this product. A true 5/5 sauce.

I am in love!

Kudos to Brandon and team for a unique and versatile sauce. It’s delicious — I’ve used it to dress salads, on top of tacos, in stuffed peppers and on barbecued meats. I am a loyal Avocado fan who will be coming back for more.

Absolutely delicious!

I love salsa verdes and this really hits the spot. The addition of ginger is subtle but really brings the whole flavor to another level! Highly recommend. Good heat but not overwhelming.

Depths of flavor

This hot sauce is amazing. It looks like a salsa verde but has so much flavor! First it’s sweet, then it’s citrusy, then you get the perfect amount of heat. This was perfect for chips. I can’t wait to try it on...everything!

Perfect for bloody Mary’s!!!!

Perfect balance of flavor ,heat and joy! I put that ———— on everything!

Tastes Amazing

I put it on everything! It works great with a lot of different flavors. It became the to-go hot sauce in the house! Tastes great.

Such great flavor while bringing the heat!!!

The Hottee Aguacatee Hot Sauce is packed full of flavors while bringing a wonderful heat. So good I have already gone through most of my order and looking for more!!!

Hella good!

Very delicious and perfectly pleasant condiment to add to a variety of dishes with just the right amount of jalapeño kick

Loved the flavor of the sauce, I have being added it to my pizza, avocado toasts and salads!

Good stuff

Not too spicy and good

Hottee Aguacatee Hot Sauce (8oz)


Been putting it on pretty much every, it’s great on everything from eggs, tacos, to even pizza. Even though I wish it had a little more heat it’s just right for the low heat loving consumptionist

Bravocado! Hass, queen!

...And all the avo puns. You guys knocked it out of the park!

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