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A dog's second best friend :)

This toy is so great! I ordered one for my dog and he can't get enough of it. I also love avocados so getting this was a no brainer. All of my small treats fit inside and then I just throw it. Super easy and keeps my dog healthy and entertained for hours!

I love it!!!!!

Really loving the new hot sauce. it's hotter than the original, but pairs nicely with almost any dish. it has a unique flavor profile i haven't tasted anywhere else. highly recommend!

Some Like It Hot

If that's you, you will Love Aguacatee. It's a perfect balance between sweet and spicy, and while it's up there on the spicy scale, it's not so overpowering that it affects the taste. It's a perfect blend of great taste and texture, quality ingredients, and value.

A perfect sauce

This sauce is straight fire 🔥. If you like a little more kick, it has the perfect amount of heat where it kicks your food up a notch but not so spicy that you can’t taste anything else. Love how the heat crescendos against your taste buds then floats away leaving you wanting more. Replacing Sriracha with Hotter Aguacatee as my new go to.

Have you ever tasted awesomeness?!?

This sauce is absolute 🔥 The depth of the flavore profile is surprising. You can really taste all the different ingredients and they seem to mix differently with every bite! Great job Hottee Aguacatee! This sauce earns the Spice Wizard seal of approval 🦊1️⃣🌶🧙‍♂️

Phenomenal flavor and texture

What an awesome blend of healthy ingredients packed with
a punch of bursting flavors

Tangy Goodness

I put this delicious sauce on EVERYTHING. Eggs, tuna fish sandwiches, chicken. I even put it on avocados! It’s tangy with a little kick. Pro tip: buy more than one bottle, you’ll go through them pretty fast.

Delicious Sauce

If you like verde style sauce. This one is unique and super flavorful. Just got it a few days ago and already 3/4 through the bottle. Get this sauce!

So good!!

Perfect tangy kick of heat! Gives great flavor to anything you are eating.

Top Notch - Lasted me a week!

This sauce is an amazing culinary product. The spicyness is just the right amount and the Avocado blends smoothly. I put this on pretty much everything from gyros, pizza, tacos, and sandwiches…you’ll love it!

I’m in love!

I absolutely adore this hot sauce! It’s delightfully bright and acidic, with some nice, clean heat that’s not overwhelming. The rich, almost-creamy texture makes it feel decadent. We’ve really been enjoying it in salad dressings and on burrito bowls. A staple in my fridge now!

A+ Avocado

I happened upon Hottee Aguacatee Hot Sauce at a street fair down near Seaport one Saturday afternoon and I am SO glad I did. I am the type of person that puts hot sauce on everything, so I’m always looking for new ones to try out. I’m also basic and love avocados, so this was a match made in heaven. The sauce is the perfect level of heat - I love it and so does my husband (who doesn’t typically have as high of a heat tolerance.)

So far, I’d recommend on pizza, eggs, and tacos!

Add in the fact that buying this hot sauce supports a small business and it’s really the whole package.

Liquid gold

This sauce is delicious, has a kick and is very versatile. My girlfriend had me try it and soon enough, I was hooked. Looking forward to other sauces they come out with!

Will be buying more!

This hot sauce is delish! We use it breakfast, lunch , and dinner! Will def be buying more!

Makes everything better!

I bought a bottle and have been enjoying it a lot! I have put it on eggs, in salad, and shrimp tacos. It’s such a unique sauce to enhance any meal!

Long-Sleeved Tee + Embroidered
Janet Howe

Long-Sleeved Tee + Embroidered

Hottee Aguacatee Hot Sauce (8oz)
Jamie Childress

Great sauce, great packaging with awesome story on the label. Love that they support this charity. Friendly service!

Hottee Aguacatee Hot Sauce (8oz)
Julie Peterson

This stuff is incredible! I love it and so happy to find something I can eat on everything! I’m already on my second bottle and thinking I need to sign up for the auto- order option. So GOOD! Highly recommend!!

Hottee Aguacatee Hot Sauce (8oz)
Natalie Eisner
Something for everyone!

This hot sauce has it all. A bit of sweet, a bit of spicy, and a bit of fruit making it a prime hot sauce for everyone's pallet and all kinds of dishes. I got it for my boyfriend who is a hot sauce connoisseur and was honestly surprised by how much I liked it too. This will definitely become a staple on our hot sauce shelf. So glad we took the plunge and tried something new!

Hottee Aguacatee Hot Sauce (8oz)
Steven T.
This is what we´ve all been looking for!

Amazing sauce, amazing customer service. We love hottee aguacatee and so do our friends who´ve tried it! It goes so well on everything, it´s a staple in our fridge. Can´t get better than this!

Hottee Aguacatee Hot Sauce (8oz)
Christopher Casey

When you can put a sauce on everything, it replaces all of the other condiments in the fridge! So happy to see an autoship option! LET’S GO!!💯

Hottee Aguacatee Hot Sauce (8oz)
Noe Romi

Hey guys, buy this sauce now, what are you waiting for... test it, taste it, love it :)

Hottee Aguacatee Hot Sauce (8oz)
Steven T.
Amazing sauce! Will get more!!

This avocado sauce has amazing flavor for someone who likes a little stronger of a kick. My boyfried demolished a third of the bottle within the first few days of receiving it! I had to steal the bottle to get to try some. It is also way more bamg for your buck than most hot sauces! 🔥 I also love the local artwork on the bottle and customer care they provide. Will def need to order more!

Hottee Aguacatee Hot Sauce (8oz)
Awesome sauce!!!

This is the most flavorful sauce I have had I a long time!!!! So good!!!!

Hottee Aguacatee Hot Sauce (8oz)

Loved this hot sauce. My spicy food tolerance is very low so I was nervous to try this hot sauce at first. BUT I am so glad I tried it!! This hot sauce was bomb. I put it on my avocado toast + eggs every morning now!