Social Media Paid Internship (3 Months)

Welcome to The Avocado Club!

"Wait, is this like a club exclusively for avocados? Do they need to have a specific ripeness to enter? If I'm a mango but I know the owner, can I still get in?"

Though we'd love to see the above realized one day, The Avocado Club is a happiness brand that was founded as an Instagram account in Queens, New York in 2017. Our founder registered the @joinavocadoclub handle to create a platform for avocado-obsessed creators from around the world to share their love of the avocado in their own unique way. Whether it's through recipes, art, medicine, fitness, health & wellness, gaming and everything in-between, The Avocado Club is a growing community for all who seek more positivity, collaboration, and kindness in their lives.

Since our introduction, we've reached over 15K+ followers, launched a podcast called Guac & Talk, a city-wide guacamole championship called The Guac Bowl, a super healthy and delicious avocado oil-based hot sauce called Hottee Aguacatee, and our official social cause #AvocadosAgainstAnxiety where we donate a percentage of our online sales to organizations responsibly fighting anxiety & depression around the world.

And the best part? We're only getting started!

So where do you come in? TikTok (to start)...

This super sweet + 100% remote + PAID 3-month internship is perfect for you if:

  • You're obsessed with the viral video platform (TikTok) and are looking for an awesome brand to create kick-ass content for.
  • You have experience with growing a TikTok channel audience OR you're very interested in learning more about how the platform works.
  • You can create simple reports that show us how well the content is performing. These don't have to be fancy. As long as you're able to explain how awesome or not-so-awesome things are. They don't even need to be reports. Even the word "reports" doesn't sound right. Let's just chat about it over some digital guac.
  • You love hot sauce (optional but appreciated).
  • You love avocados (optional but super appreciated).
  • You speak and/or understand Meme.

What we'd like for you to do:

  • Completely own our TikTok strategy, Work with us to come up with, post and track performance for awesome, trendy, original TikTok videos for The Avocado Club brand to promote our hot sauce as well as other avocado-related content (facts, industry news, memes etc).
  • Be comfortable in front of the camera and showcase our brand voice as best as you can (we'll teach you how to do both of these).
  • Keep an eye out and suggest cool new software & tools that we could use to improve our social media content and make all of our lives easier. If it's cool and you think it'll help, we'll get it for you.
  • Use our TikTok account as your creative sandbox.
  • Think outside the box but also question why the box is made in that material to begin with.
  • Collaborate with and identify influencer accounts to help creatively promote our hot sauce, events etc.
  • Ask questions if you're stuck, lost, confused or need a hand.
  • Be open to learning some new things. Be open to teaching some new things.
  • Make mistakes + fail fast and often. As long as you do your best to learn from them.
  • Have fun and enjoy what you create. If you're not having fun or enjoying yourself, let us know and we'll do whatever we can to fix this.
  • When your avocados are starting to get very ripe, please put them in the fridge to extend their quality. This one isn't a requirement. We just care a lot.

What we'd like to offer you:

  • $500/month for 3 months of your talented time
  • Free bottles of our hot sauce (duh!)
  • Weekly food delivery credit for your home office (because food is our favorite)
  • An Avocado Club Crate packed with epic goodies (swag alert)
  • Unlimited PTO (we want you to live your life and prioritize your health first while also being excited about the content that you create with us so don't worry about clocking in and out at a specific time)
  • A yoga mat (we recommend green but it's your choice)
  • 1 new book of your choice per month (digital or print)
  • The opportunity to learn directly from the founder (hi!) on how to build a food-focused brand with a powerfully-engaged community.

What you'll have the opportunity to learn:

  • Brand building through strong community
  • How to talk to and keep loyal customers
  • How to design just about anything
  • How to produce a kick-ass podcast
  • Photography basics & techniques
  • How to launch a retail product
  • How to enjoy your work so much so that you forget you're at work
  • Basically if you see something that we've created within The Avocado Club and want to learn how to do that thing, we'll show you.

Think you're up for it?

We'd love for you to apply to this role + create an original TikTok on your personal account and send the link to It does not need to feature avocado at all but you get unofficial bonus points if it does. Please make sure that the video, audio and any text overlay is appropriate.

If we'd like to move forward with an intro video call, you'll be contacted directly via email with next steps.

Looking forward to welcoming you to The Avocado Club!