The Guac Bowl

The Guac Bowl NYC 2021

Introducing the very first guacamole championships! Created originally by The Avocado Club, this delicious event was established to highlight the local restaurants that we all love during the COVID-19 era so that we may raise awareness for the tasty work they do.


How it works!


We identify a selection of your favorite local restaurants that feature (or are known for) great guacamole. These restaurants provide samples of their guac to our judges for official ratings. Only we at The Avocado Club will know which guacamole samples belong to which restaurant so each container will feature a letter on its cover.

The judges taste, examine and totally devour the guac from different NYC-based restaurants then enter their favorites into an online voting sheet.

The guacamole with the most amount of points will become our Guac Bowl Champion!

Each participating judge will receive to their door a complete guacamole experience package including:

1. Multiple samples of guacamole from local restaurants

2. A giant bag of tortilla chips (complimentary)

3. A gift bottle of our hot sauce, Hottee Aguacatee!

4. A crown (you’ll see what we mean)

5. And a few more fun extras ;)


The Judges

To kick off The Guac Bowl Championships, we’re hand-selecting foodie-based influencers who are located near our featured restaurants. This way, we can seamlessly deliver the samples at their absolute freshest without a long commute. There will be a total of 10 judges for this competition.

When the say comes for us to take this event live to a dedicated space, ticket holders will become the judges and YOU will be able to test and judge lots of guac yourself :)


Safe Packaging & Delivery

Now more than ever we are doing our best to remain safe and responsible during the COVID-19 era! When our judges receive their deliveries, each guacamole sample will be carefully and securely packaged inside its own yellow-topped plastic container. All samples will be put together with gloves and all team members who are involved with the preparation process will follow these guidelines.



The goal of this event series is to bring attention to the NYC restaurant scene and boost their business in any way we can. All participating restaurants will receive creative social media promotion through the @joinavocadoclub channels as well as the channels belonging to the featured judges participating in the event.

First place will receive a physical trophy engraved with their restaurant name, a featured episode on our podcast Guac & Talk and a collection of marketing opportunities to help promote their business. We’re still fine-tuning this part and are excited about what we’ll be able to provide our partner restaurants. We’ll be creating prizes for every participating restaurant!


If you’d like to add your restaurant to this competition or be a featured judge (and are based in NYC), please send an email to or a DM on Instagram at @joinavocadoclub.