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Hottee Aguacatee Hot Sauce | Chili + Orange (8 oz)

Hottee Aguacatee Hot Sauce | Chili + Orange (8 oz)

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The second in the sweet & spicy series of Hottee Aguacatee Hot Sauce! Toasted arbol chilis create a fresh, fiery flavor complimented by the warmth of grilled orange juice, toasted coriander, roasted plum tomato, and finished with our signature ingredient, avocado oil.

Blended brilliantly with a base of antioxidant-rich avocado oil. Packed perfectly in an 8oz glass bottle and topped with a crown-style cap just like our official logo.

 (“hot-tee ahh-gwah- cot-tee”)

 Ingredients -

* Apple Cider Vinegar
* Avocado Oil
* Plum Tomato
* Arbol Chilis
* Garlic
* Sea Salt
* Orange Juice
* Coriander

Benefits -

* All Natural
* Fresh Ingredients
* 100% Vegan
* Low Sodium
* Gluten-Free
* Shelf Stable

$1.00 from each bottle sold will be donated to The Mental Health Coalition - a very special organization whose mission is “to build a like-minded community who will work together to de-stigmatize all mental health conditions, enabling equitable access to vital resources and support for all.”

Need Help Right Now?

If you or a friend need urgent assistance, call 911 immediately, or take your friend directly to the emergency room. If you feel it’s safe, stay with your friend, or find someone to stay with them until help arrives.

You can also reach out to the Crisis Text Line by texting COALITION to 741741, or call the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline at 1-800-273-8255. It’s free and it’s highly confidential, unless it’s essential to contact emergency services to keep you or your friend safe.

Additional Resources

Roadmap To Mental Health

Roadmap To Self-Love

Asian American & Pacific Islander Mental Health Resources


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Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
Danielle Cortez
I love it!!!!!

Really loving the new hot sauce. it's hotter than the original, but pairs nicely with almost any dish. it has a unique flavor profile i haven't tasted anywhere else. highly recommend!

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Some Like It Hot

If that's you, you will Love Aguacatee. It's a perfect balance between sweet and spicy, and while it's up there on the spicy scale, it's not so overpowering that it affects the taste. It's a perfect blend of great taste and texture, quality ingredients, and value.

Ankur Patel
A perfect sauce

This sauce is straight fire 🔥. If you like a little more kick, it has the perfect amount of heat where it kicks your food up a notch but not so spicy that you can’t taste anything else. Love how the heat crescendos against your taste buds then floats away leaving you wanting more. Replacing Sriracha with Hotter Aguacatee as my new go to.

Michael Abraham
Have you ever tasted awesomeness?!?

This sauce is absolute 🔥 The depth of the flavore profile is surprising. You can really taste all the different ingredients and they seem to mix differently with every bite! Great job Hottee Aguacatee! This sauce earns the Spice Wizard seal of approval 🦊1️⃣🌶🧙‍♂️

Phenomenal flavor and texture

What an awesome blend of healthy ingredients packed with
a punch of bursting flavors

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